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Story Begins - Infinity7
Name: Story Begins
Author: Infinity7
Type: MvRvK
Giants 2

Much to our disappointment, Giants will not be followed up with a sequel by Planet Moon. You can read the evidence below.

#: 1
Name: Tim Williams
Evidence: Well, I'm not quite ready to change my name to Alexander the Great just yet. I think there are always regrets once your game has been released: not learning to speak German fluently during the course of Giants is probably our deepest regret. This and the fact that there were a few bugs which weren't picked up. These have now been fixed with patches though. As a whole we're all very proud of how Giants turned out. It really changed for the better during the course of development, and anything that's been left out can always be resurrected for Giants 2.
#: 2
Name: PlanetMoon Central
Evidence: Giants 2? All we know so far about Planet Moon Studios next project is that it will be based on the Giants franchise and will be a XBox project.
#: 3
Name: Ken
Evidence: Planet Moon is looking at the console market. I can't say whether we'll abandon pc wholesale, but the pc market is really hard to make games for and is really hard to sell into. The pc game market is very extreme... either you're #1 selling 1,000,000 units or you're off the chart selling 5000 units. And a lot of the top sellers are either mainsteam licensed products (who wants to be a millionaire, Barbie, Deer Hunter, etc) or sequels off of previous hits (Mechwarrior, Quake, etc.) The attractiveness of the console market is the single, static hardware spec and the larger audience of game buyers.
#: 4
Name: Ken
Evidence: Giants 2 is on the horizon, but we're still figuring things out. Platform, schedule, etc. We're still reeling from releasing Giants 1. PLUS, we're looking to move to a new office sometime in the next 6 months, so that's provide an interruption.
#: 5
Name: Tim Williams
Evidence: To be honest, I don't know if another Giants game will be coming out. We don't have plans to design one. The game we're working on right now, I think, is the best game we've ever done.
Source: Email: Chris
#: 6
Name: Aaron
Evidence: I don't know if we ever got back to you about this -- we were in the middle of a deadline when you sent it (they usually fall at the end of the month) and I fear it got lost in the shuffle.

We really appreciate this petition and are grateful to you and our fans who are keeping Giants alive.

While we believe very strongly that you should never say never, right now we are not working on Giants 2 and we don't have plans to make Giants 2 in the near future. We are, however, working on a title for LucasArts that we think will more than satisfy all lovers of Giants. While we can't talk about it now, we'll be sure to keep you posted when we can.

Again, thanks so much for the petition and for keeping the love flowing for the game that took years of our lives to make. We love it too.

Source: Email: Chris


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