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Hide n Seek Heaven 2 - Pinchy
Name: Hide n Seek Heaven 2
Author: Pinchy
Type: MvM
Server Rules


Things that get you banned:

• Baseless cheating accusations.
• Cheating of any sort (this includes both bug exploitation and trainer use).
• Constant base raiding in Team Deathmatch (after several warnings).
• Aiding people in evading bans
• 'Tag Stealing'
• Racial slurs.

Things that will get you kicked:

• Extreme levels of lag
• Base raiding during detentes.
• Long drawn out flames

These should all be fairly common sense, especially the rules punishable with bans. Probably the only one that needs any explanation is the rule regarding the aiding of cheaters. Here’s how it works: If you have a buddy or whatever that you know to be banned from our server, and he somehow evades his ban - Tell us. All but three of the people banned from the server have been banned for cheating of some sort, and we absolutely refuse to provide any sort of service to them, or anyone who helps them get back in.

Tag stealing is using another clan's tag against their wishes. Example: Somebody is a member of a clan called Fury that plays Medal of Honor. In order to prevent misrepresentation of that clan, the person using the tag will not be allowed on the server unless he or she removes the tag in question. This is typically the only sort of ban that isn't permanent.

Lag isn't as clear cut unfortunately. We generally let anyone play who has a ping of less than five hundred. There are some cases though in which someone might (for example) have a decent ping, but have large quantities of packet loss.

When we set a detente in Defend the Base games (which isn't often, to be honest) you should take it as a sign to leave the enemy base and give them a chance to rebuild.

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