Giants World Domination
Random GMM Map:
My maps - The_Mastor
Name: My maps
Author: The_Mastor
Type: MvM

These cheats will only work with versions 1.1 and lower. The 1.4 patch disables cheats in single player, except "allmissionsaregoodtogo.". To enable a cheat, press T or Y to bring up the chat dialogue and enter the cheat.

Cheat Effect
gimmegifts Opens the weapons shop.
itsmyparty Creates an instant party house.
allmissionsaregoodtogo Unlocks every level. *Works with all versions.
ineedspells Enables unlimited mana.
basegoveryfast Quickens building speed.
mapshowitall Reveals the entire map.
basefillerup Fills base with vimp meat.
basepopulate Fills base with smarties.
pleasehealme Enables full health.
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