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Random GMM Map:
Small Battlefield - RichardMH
Name: Small Battlefield
Author: RichardMH
Type: MvRvK
How To Make A Giants Modpack
by: Infinity7 -- Part 1 | Part 2

Part One: Beginning to make the mod

1) Open the Giants Edit version 5.3.

2) Under FILE select NEW MAP.

3) Type in a name for your new mod using the naming conventions of already existing mods shown. Be sure to put in the .gck at the end of the name you put in, cuz Giants Edit does not add that automatically. Note that there is a space before and after every hyphen in the names.

4) Once the name is in the box then click the OPEN button.

5) The editor will tell you to please select an existing map for use as the basis as your new map. Say ok to that.

6) The editor will show you a list of terrains accessible by Giants. Pick one and click LOAD. Actually what you have picked here are the objects and not the terrain.

7) Next it will ask you if you also want to load the terrain. You can say YES here for the purposes of this tutorial.

8) Next the editor will ask you to pick a map type, such as 3 Way or Mecc vs Mecc, etc. Pick one and click OK.

9) You should now have a map displayed before you with the objects shown in it.

Part Two: Customizing the default level

1) The buttons for the editor are on the left side of the window. The top button is the CAMERA button and allows you to view the mod from all directions. Hold down left mouse button to rotate left and right or up or down. Hold down right mouse button to pan left and right or up and down. Hold down both mouse buttons and move mouse toward you or away from you to zoom.

2) The second button on the toolbar below the camera button is for changing the elevation of the terrain. It looks like a little hill with an up and a down arrow on it. It is the ELEVATION button. If you click on that then you can change the elevation of the terrain to whatever elevation is selected on the slider at the bottom of your screen. Note what it says that the CURRENT ELEVATION is set to when you move the slider. You can also right-click an area of the map to see what elevation that point is. Anytime you have changed some elevation there is something that you will need to do before saving your mod. Under the menu for the word MAP on the top of the editor you will need to select FIX OPEN EDGES and go with defaults shown and click OK.

3) The third button on the toolbar with colors on it is for painting the terrain. It is the PAINT button. See the color pallet at the bottom. You can also right-click an area on the map to see what the pallet color values are at that point.

4) The fourth button on the toolbar looks like some triangles. This is the ADD/REMOVE LAND button. When this button is selected you can remove land from the terrain by right-clicking on it or add land by left-clicking it.

5) The fifth and last button on the toolbar looks like a little house. This is the OBJECTS button. When you have selected this button try clicking on an object and note that at the bottom of your screen that some number values have appeared. The top left box at the bottom is the object number for that object. The 3 boxes to the side of the word POSITION show the X, Y, and Z coordinates of the object on the map. You can scale the object to be many times larger or smaller than it's default size with the SCALE box. You can change which way your object is facing by entering a different number in the ANGLE box (remember, 360 degrees in a circle). You can drag the objects to a different position on the map. Try right clicking an area of your map and see the menu that pops up and what options you have with it.

Part Three: Checking your mod with GMM4b

1) Under FILE select SAVE AND LAUNCH MAP (GMM). Giants should start up and go to the screen where the host will select what type of game it will be. If your mod is a Mecc vs Mecc mod then your mod's name won't show till you set the game type to Mecc vs Mecc. If your mod is a 3 Way then it won't show as a map choice till you set your game to be a 3 Way game. If it still doesn't show then click on the spot in Giants where the name is supposed to show and you should be able to select it. OR, it may say DEFAULT there instead. That is ok for the moment, cuz we're not done yet. You can select the word DEFAULT there as the map for now if that is what shows.

2) Go into the game with your mod and look around and see that if it is the way you want it to be. If it isn't then go back and edit the mod some more and then go back into the mod in-game again and again till it is the way you want it to be.

Part Four: Making your mod for use with GMM4b

Before you begin this part you need to make sure that you have Windows set to show all file extensions. To do this go to Folder Options in Windows Control Panel. In the View tab check enable the radio button for Show hidden files and folders and uncheck disable the checkbox for Hide extensions for known file types.

1) When you are satisfied with your mod go into your GMM modpacks folder using Windows Explorer and copy your modpack and then go paste it on your Windows desktop. 2) Your modpack filename has a .gck extension on it. Change the .gck part of the name to .zip then unzip the file to your Windows desktop. You now have 3 files on your Windows desktop that had been zipped up inside your modpack. You have a w_default.bin file and a default.gmm file and you have a default.gti file. Two of those files will now have to be renamed and one of those two will also need to be edited to make the mod work with GMM4b.

3) Rename the .bin file to be in this name format (this example is for a 3 Way mod): w_3Way_NewMod.bin . The w_*.bin name must not consist of more than 37 characters (including w_ and .bin) or else there will be a "Dongle Check Skipped" error.

Another example of how to rename the .bin file is like this (this is for a Mecc vs Mecc mod): w_MvM_NewMod.bin

Substitute your mod name in the place where I have put "NewMod" in these examples. Now your bin file is finished.

4) Next rename your file called default.gmm to default.txt and then open the file in Windows Notepad.

5) Edit this file so that it follows the following text format (this first example is for a 3 Way mod):




Modinfo_UserMessage=A fantastic mod by Whoever.

Here is another example of the text format used for this file (this second example is for a Mecc vs Mecc mod):




Modinfo_UserMessage=A fantastic mod by Whoever.

The bin name that you type in this file must match exactly the name that you gave your bin file back on your Windows desktop. Note that the bin type for a 3 Way mod is 49 and that the bin type for a Mecc vs Mecc mod is 13. The user message in the above examples shown can be modified to say what you want them to say. After you have edited this text file to be like these examples then be sure to SAVE this file back to your Windows desktop and exit notepad.

6) You must now rename this file that you just saved back to your Windows desktop to be the exact same name as your .bin file EXCEPT that this file should have no w_ in front of the name like your bin file was named. Also this file will also need to be renamed so that the file extension is .gmm instead of .txt

7) Now zip up your 3 files (for example, the 3 of them would be w_3Way_NewMod.bin and 3Way_NewMod.gmm and default.gti for a 3 Way mod or w_MvM_NewMod.bin and MvM_NewMod.gmm and default.gti for a Mecc vs Mecc mod) using WinZip or the WindowsXP zip function and then copy your zipped up file into the GMM modpacks folder and rename it to match the naming conventions that are already there in that folder. Also rename your modpack so that it ends with .gck instead of .zip

For this example the final modpack name would be 3Way - Whoever - NewMod.gck (for a 3 Way mod) or Mecc vs Mecc - Whoever - NewMod.gck (for a Mecc vs Mecc mod). Note that there is a space both before and after every hyphen. You will want this modpack with this name to replace the one that you started with this name back at the beginning of these instructions.

Your mod is now finished and ready for you and others to play.

  Copyright GiantsWD