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What is Giants
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Giants 101 - Storyline: What is Giants?

If you have no clue what Giants is or even why you are here, then this guide is for you. Let us start with the official description given by the game's maker, Planet Moon:

Giants is a revolutionary new style of action game combining RTS elements like base building and resource management in a simple and easy to understand way that has never been seen before. The game requires strategic thinking to exploit the enemies' weaknesses and manipulate your opponents against one another for control. The frenzied action ensues once your enemies' weaknesses are determined. For example, Kabuto depends on the Vimps for a food source to keep up his strength. The Sea Reaper can call in a tornado to sweep the Vimps away, leaving Kabuto hungry, weak and open for attack.

The main focus of Giants is obviously the frenzied action when playing as one of three incredibly unique races: the Sea Reapers, the Meccaryns, or the mighty Kabuto, but the addition of indigenous creatures called the "Smarties" adds to the fun. If "cared" for properly, the "Smarties" will build a base for you offering new weapons, spells, traps, vehicles - whatever each specific player needs. The bases will be different depending on which species you are playing with Kabuto not having the ability to create a base, since he is his own base! "Smarties" will offer Kabuto a special ability.

Before there was Man; before there was Earth; before there was PLANET MOON; there was the Island: a massive fragment of shattered planet hurtling through space. One would immediately think, asteroid, at such a description, but this is by no means a dead piece of rock. Even from a distance its radiant colors and surrounding waterfalls distinguish it as an anomaly amidst the dark void of space. Around it, decayed and splintered asteroids linger, like wailful ghosts, jealous of a true beauty they will never have.

On this Eden wanders the solitary giant, Kabuto. As far back as he can remember this has been his home. From whence he came he does not know, apart from one obscure clue in the form of the serial number, "001," imprinted on his stomach. He sits alone and longs for company, but the only thing that has descended from the skies, or landed upon the shores is death and destruction. He now trusts no one, and guards the only thing that has been constant for him -- the island, his home. And woe betide anyone who now sets foot on it!

In the surrounding seas there are a band of survivors called the Sea Reapers. These women once ruled the island until they were forced to flee by their own creation: Kabuto. He had originally been created as a protector against alien threats. At first Kabuto obeyed, but as time went by he became conscious of his pain, his loneliness, himself. His solitude drove him to madness, and he turned on the Sea Reapers, decimating their numbers, and forcing the remainder back to their watery origins. Out of this weakness arose a wicked new leader, Sappho, the Sea Reaper Queen. Delphi, her daughter, is the youngest and most innocent of the group. She doesn't always agree with the other Reapers' evil practices, but isn't aware of any alternative. As the game begins she is just growing into her ability to whip-up attacks such as destructive sword-wielding tornadoes. If the Meccs can win her over she may be their only hope.

Five cockney space aliens: Baz, Tel, Reg, Gordon, and Bennett (otherwise known as the Meccs) leave their home planet for their annual "lads holiday" at the one and only, Planet Majorca. Almost immediately they are attacked and swallowed by the notorious Giant "Gibbon" Fish. Having given up their holiday for the ignominious distinction of been digested for two months, this five-some is finally "discharged" in their battered ship within limping reach of the Island, where they stop for repairs. Traveling in packs using military formations they possess enough technological might to devastate this New World. However, for the time being they need to live on it, so just clearing out the current residents will do.

Giants offers a rich storyline bundled in an action, adventure, and RPG atmosphere.
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