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Unleashed - Natbite
Name: Unleashed
Author: Natbite
Type: MvM

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Currently showing in-game commands.
Command Description Reg. or Dedicated?
autodesignate Auto designates the new host whenever the current host leaves. Dedicated
cstat Shows the stats of the host. Both
dedicated Allows the dedicated host to view the game. Both
fr Displays your current framerate per second. Both
message Sets a message of the day. Both
logchat Logs any text typed during the game. Dedicated
newhost name Makes the designated person the remote admin of the game, giving them the ability to boot and so forth. Where it says name, replace it with the player name. Dedicated
nonewhost Removes any hosts from the game. Dedicated
nophff Toggles friendly fire on party house objects. Both
nstat Shows the netstats, including pings, packets, etc. Both
pmarkers Removes the markers that differentiate allies(green) from enemies(red). Both
qstat Shows the stats of the users who are in the game, giving a better refresh rate than F1. Both
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