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First Wonder teaser trailer!Posted by Mnich on Fri. Aug 28, 2015
Rogue Rocket Games has published a brand new teaser trailer for First Wonder! You can watch it here:

The devs are currently at PAX Prime (PAX Rising area, booth #4043), so if you're nearby you can say hello to them and try out a playable demo.

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Giants on Sale (50% Off)Posted by King on Sun. Aug 03, 2014

Promotion ends this weekend. Final price after discount: $4.99.

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TotalBiscuit Giants Citizen Kabuto ReviePosted by King on Sun. Aug 03, 2014
TotalBiscuit released a review (August 3rd, 2014) of Giants Citizen Kabuto here:

Notable mentions: Patch 1.5, GiantsWD, and multiplayer.

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If you want to play...Posted by buster on Mon. Jun 02, 2014
Well, in case u cannot see the server list becouse its down ,u can still play ,searchin it by IP :

right at host ip adress, at join multiplayer game option.

To make this new look like a new .Here is some info about First Wonder written a while ago.

The Island

First Wonder takes place on a luxury island resort on Planet Majorca. Monstro, the recently discovered ancient fossil is mounted as the proud centerpiece for this new corporate resort. Naturally things going very very wrong.

Designing the island is one of the biggest and most exciting design challenges I have ever faced.
In Giants we dealt with scale quite simply. While Kabuto could leap he was very earthbound and limited to just walking around and smashing things.

Monstro will have a full dynamic range of motion that helps him spend as much time in the air as on land. The island is built to accommodate his scale and natural abilities while the Cargonauts use their rocket technology to compete with Monstro’s natural gifts.

The island will be at least 4 times larger than any seen in Giants. With mountains and tunnels that give Monstro unique short cuts in getting around. What may surprise the Cargonauts is that despite Monstros size they might not see him coming.

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1st Wonder News UpdatesPosted by Baldrick on Tue. Apr 15, 2014
Rogue Rocket Games have been hard at work on 1st Wonder, progressing through the design and concept phases for their spiritual successor to MDK and Giants.

They've recently enlisted the help of two veteran developers from past titles.

Tim Williams - the script writer for Giants and Armed and Dangerous will be working on the backstory for 1st Wonder as well. Tim will also be working on the very first cut scene to be featured in their Kickstarter campaign.

Bob Stevenson who worked as the co-artist and Lead designer for Giants and MDK will be putting his expertise into the look and feel of 1st Wonder.

The Kickstarter campaign is targeted for the end of Spring 2014, in the meantime you should show your support over at and follow the development on Facebook and Twitter

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Spiritual successor to Giants announced!Posted by Baldrick on Fri. Mar 21, 2014
Some large news has come out this week for the Giants Community!
The spiritual successor to Giants: Citizen Kabuto and MDK has been announced.

The newly announced title is called 1st Wonder. This new project is being supported through Kickstarter and their launch website located at

Nick Bruty from the original Giants development team is heading this project through his new company Rogue Rocket Games.

Swing by their site to check for ongoing updates and I encourage all fans to back this exciting project.

We will of course be following this project closely and sharing the latest news here.

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Giants Short filmsPosted by Bebiseal on Fri. Apr 05, 2013
Hey everyone,

Recently i started to create short films on Giants called The Adventures of Baz & Reg. The first one is out and subtitled in English just for you guys. So head over to my channel and let me know what you think! Obviously, ideas for new videos are very welcome!

Baz & Reg: The House on the Hill

I love to see this site still up and running!

Giants forever!


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